Early Morning Song

PRESENTED WITH Red Eye Collective

Designs By Søren: Lighting Designer

Photos: Søren Olsen

written by Rachel Jendrzejewski
conceived & developed with Red Eye Theater

directed by Steve Busa

design & production…
Liz Josheff, Dolo McComb, Skyler Nowinski,
Søren Olsen, Beth Ann Powers

Megan Burns, Kimberly Lesik,
Dolo McComb, Miriam Must,
Sarah Parker, Jen Scott

EARLY MORNING SONG takes on issues of climate change, legacy and what we leave behind as seen through the lens of an obscure woman scientist who is diligently documenting her life’s work. Confronting the questions of what to include and whom it’s for, she discovers she is no longer in control of what’s being catalogued, as the archive takes on a life of its own.