How Is It Ever Any Different Than?


Designs By Søren: Co-Director, Co-Writer, Lighting Designer, Projection Designer, Sound Designer, Co-Producer

This latest creation by 600 Whale is an exploration of the modern self. Inspired by technologies that manipulate identity such as; the gene editing technique CRISPR, LSD, and the Internet, the performance is a juxtaposition of science, spirituality, and introspection. A vignette driven theatrical wormhole of character, setting, and story, How Is It Ever Any Different Than? coalesces into a mosaic of meaning, delivering the audience into the present with a renewed sense of curiosity and awe.

600 Whale is an ensemble-led performance group, specializing in the creation of new theatrical work. Their art investigates the boundaries of performance and life, time and space, and character and identity. Adhering to a philosophy of impermanence, their process consistently presents original and distinct ways of collaborating, existing, and telling stories. Their performances are image based, novel in form and content, entertaining, and humbly prophetic.

600 Whale is: Jeff Shockley, Ross Orenstein, Paul Stucker, and Søren Olsen