Life’s Parade

PRESENTED WITH Red Eye Collective

Designs By Søren: Lighting Designer

Written by KATHARINE SHERMAN, Directed by STEVE BUSA, Costumes and Scenery by LIZ BUSA, Sound by SKYLER NOWINSKI, Lighting by SØREN OLSEN

Your heart pounds, palms sweat. You fall into each other’s arms, while all around you the music swells, the credits roll, the perfect ending to your epic love story. But what happens when real life doesn’t measure up?

A coming of age tale for women everywhere, Red Eye’s latest offering tells the story of Cary, an older divorcée trapped by visions of the real and imagined failures that haunt her.To find relief she

escapes to a dreamscape populated by over-the-top romantic fantasies from old-time movies and love songs. Discovering the courage necessary to own her story, Cary reinvents herself, no longer content to be a mere observer as life passes by.

LIFE’S PARADE is the third in a series of cinema-inspired plays conceived and directed by Red Eye Artistic Director Steve Busa and scripted by Minneapolis-based playwright Katharine Sherman.  First in the series, WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME, TOMORROW (April 2015) explored the theme of fear and referenced Fritz Lang’s film M. That was followed by THE SLOW MOTION CARNIVAL (October 2015), that was inspired by Contempt, the Godard classic, and dealt with relationships and betrayal. This final part of the trilogy uses a saturated palette of language, music and visuals, drawing inspiration from Douglas Sirk’s subversive mid-century melodramas – including Written on the Wind, Magnificent Obsession and All That Heaven Allows.