The Panza Monologues

PRESENTED WITH North Hennepin Community College

Designs By Søren: Lighting Designer, Scenic Designer, Technical Director

Directed by KATHY HENDRICKSON, Costumes by SARAH BISONETTE, Written/Dramaturgy by IRMA MAYORGA, Lighting/Scenery by SØREN OLSEN

The Panza Monologues is a performance piece based on women’s stories about their panza’s: Tu sabes – that roll of belly we all try to hide! A women’s tour de force as told through the words of women speaking with heart stopping frankness, these stories create a journey of poignancy, humor and revelation. The Panza Monologues boldly places the panza front and center as a symbol that reveals the lurking truths about women’s thoughts, lives, loves, abuses and lived conditions. Come join the Panza Party! Power to the Panza!