Designs By Søren: Writer, Director, Performer, Projection Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Scenic Designer, Producer

Two scientists on a deep space alien research mission summon magical crystal power on the search to uncover the underlying mysteries of human re-animation. Accidents unfold, the machine takes over, and the scientists are torn between their honor and their desire for power.
A physical based dark comedy that unfolds live like an action packed super hero film.

“There is a new theater ensemble in town, and their first show is something to not be missed.” — Twin Cities Geek

Chromera’s Peek is a original production by The Lesser Lamps (Dolo McComb, Søren Olsen). Told through stylized movement, technical wizardry, and abstracted language, this performance teeters on the less obvious edges of theatre performance in order to analyze some of the darker secrets behind capitalism, scientific discovery, and the price of progress.


About The Lesser Lamps:

Søren Olsen and Dolo McComb have been making original pieces of performance work for the last decade. Individually, they have been recognized locally and nationally for their multi-faceted creative work. Chromera’s Peek will be their first foray into creating/performing a work together that constellates their unique areas of expertise: dance, theatre, design, writing, and music. Committed to transportive aesthetics and expertly crafted movement, The Lesser Lamps utilize fresh storytelling vocabularies to offer a twisted tonic for the taboos of our time.

SØREN OLSEN: Director, Writer, Producer, Lighting/Sound/Projection Design, Marketing, Performer