…Her’s A Queen

PRESENTED WITH Red Eye Collective

Designs By Søren: Lighting Designer

Bears and nuns, snakes and knives, wrestling matches and cuddle parties all appear in …Her’s A Queen, a playful meditation on all things Britney Spears and the public’s fascination with celebrity and pop culture. Liberally mixing fact and fiction, the piece draws from a wealth of Britney interviews, songs, and biography, as well as the author’s own personal history, to present a complex rendering of stardom’s contradictions, the toll it takes on those who reach its apex, and our appetite for each salacious detail.

I am so glad to have seen […Her’s A Queen], for Miriam Must’s amazing performance and the go-for-broke direction Steve Busa has given to this work, a powerful tribute to the legacy of commitment Red Eye Theater has had, and a bittersweet occasion as its founding leaders’ swan song.” – Arthur Droman, Talkin’ Broadway review, 9/27/18

Busa, who is directing the show, collaborated with his daughter, L.A.-based theater artist Celeste Busa, on the adaptation of the script. Longtime Red Eye designer Liz Josheff – who also will be retiring from the company following this production – is doing the costumes, set and projections, with sound design by Skyler Nowinski, light design by Søren Olsen, and choreography by avowed member of the Britney Army, Scott Stafford. The ensemble includes Red Eye stalwart Miriam Must playing herself/Britney/Neal, Paige Collette as Peainapod, Kevin McLaughlin as the narrator and Chloe Tarnowski as Farris.

Neal Medlyn is a musician and artist whose work straddles the lines between performance art, comedy, and music. His most well-known work is his seven show Pop Star Series and Champagne Jerry, the subsequent iteration of his work with popular music. The Pop Star Series works, which dealt with work and ideas inspired by a diverse range of artists like Insane Clown Posse, Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson, have been presented at venues such as Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen, PS122, the Chocolate Factory and others as well as in various festivals and theaters around the U.S. and abroad such as American Realness, the TBA Festival, the Live Art Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany and others. The Pop Star Series was also made into a book published by 53rd State Press.