The Doors Of Ambiguity

PRESENTED WITH North Hennepin Community College

Designs By Søren: Writer, Director, Lighting Designer, Scenic Designer

Music By Eric Mayson

Costumes by Sarah Bissonette

Jess Forga, Stage Manager

Aaron Ojeda, Technical Operator


Allie Levandoski – Finn Sawyer

Arin Anderson, Amanda Bouddhara, Tina Turner, Chris Vang, Christopher Vavra, Sandriea White – Ambiguous Therapists

SYNOPSIS:A new type of therapy is in town and it’s becoming controversial. Local social media and news sensation Finn Sawyer is going into AMBIGUITY THERAPY to investigate their practices. Her journalistic prowess will be tested as she faces some of the most unusual therapeutic methods yet to be implemented in a clinical setting. Will she come out the same? Will she have a story to report? What is going on behind the doors of ambiguity?