Two Noble Kinsman

PRESENTED WITH Shakespearean Youth Theatre

Designs By Søren: Lighting Designer, Scenic Designer, Mentor


In a vast empire built on battlefield glory and patriarchal supremacy, the inseparable bond between two soldiers takes on cosmic implications as their love fractures and their fates fall into the hands of the gods. The last play of Shakespeare’s career, The Two Noble Kinsmen is a riveting dark comedy, combining the fast-paced flair of Fletcher’s greatest works with the fearless, haunting poetry of Shakespeare at his zenith.

Join the SYT Core Ensemble for the rare opportunity to experience Shakespeare’s last words written for the stage, premiering for the first time ever in Minneapolis, March 8th-16th at the Tek Box Theatre.

Directed By Logan Verdoorn

Stage Management: Maria Signorelli

Costumes by David Hanzal