PRESENTED WITH: Shakesperean Youth Theatre

Designs by Soren: Lighting Design

Location: Saint Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota

HAMLET performances were suspended on opening night: March 13th, 2020.

A king has died. His widow has hastily remarried. The king’s son has returned home to find rot and corruption beneath the pristine facade of the state. As the nation is thrown into a whirlpool of chaos, lives are uprooted, and revenge, ambition, and madness reign unchecked. Welcome to Elsinore.


Lucas Bueling · Vivian Chaffin · Grace Chamberlain · Ulla Collins · Pip Edmund · Basie Geary · Marcus Geary · Garrett Haynes · Tydus Kelcher · Ilse Prokosch · Abraham Riker · Greyson Shaw · Søren Stauffacher · Christopher Tupper · Ashlyn Walters · Blake Walters

Tech Team

Leo Buffalo · Nathan Kampling · Vlad Khryashchevskyy · Robin Kropuenske · Michael Oaks · Ashley Odett · Matthew Phillips

Creative Team

Logan Verdoorn · Director, Scenic Design
Ash Kaun · Costume Design
Lukas Brasherfons · Dramaturgy
Alex Olsen · Build / Carpentry
Kevin Springer · Sound Design
Ezra Jackson-Smith · Stage Management
Gabriel Peñaloza-Hernandez · Assistant Stage Manager
Maria Signorelli · Production Manager
Annie Enneking · Fight Coreography