• de “down, down from, from, off; concerning” 
  • “down, off, away, from among, down from,”
  • “down to the bottom, totally” hence “completely”
  • “not, do the opposite of, undo”

Sign (n.)

  • “gesture or motion of the hand, especially one meant to communicate something”
  • “identifying mark, token, indication, symbol; proof;  a signal, an omen; sign in the heavens, constellation.”
  • “a mark or device having some special importance”

Designs (v.)

“A scheme or plan of the mind”

“Not the offspring of idle face; it is the studied result of accumulative observation and delightful habit.”

  • Mark out
  • Devise
  • Choose
  • Designate 
  • Contrive
  • Plot
  • Intend
  • Draw
  • Outline
  • Project
  • Plan

Designs by Soren

The shape of light and sound

The form and movement of people in space

The arrival and departure of projection and code

The order and length of written language


He has collaborated with Robert Wilson, Rinde Eckert, Martha Clarke, Chris Akerlind, Ed McCarthy, The Soap Factory, Dell’Arte International, Red Bastard, Big Cats, Eric Mayson, Live Action Set, Ashwini Ramaswamy, Red Eye Theatre, Dangerous Productions, Raw Red Meat Productions,  Modern Antics, Dancebums, Ragmop Theatre, Stages Theatre, North Hennepin Community College, Shakespearean Youth Theatre, Theatre MU, Rosetown Playhouse, Borealis Dance, Cowles Center for Dance, Look Out Arts Quarry, The Haunted Basement, Art Via Corpora (ARTEL), Theatre Mu, Bedlam Theatre, Collective Unconscious, and many others.

OnGOINg Work

  • Technical Director and Theatre Faculty at North Hennepin Community College
  • Providing affordable and equitable access for people and organizations to 40 acres of land in Hovland, Minnesota by managing and maintaining it as a community asset. Member/Co-Owner/Co-Founder of Tamarack Land Cooperative. http://www.tamaracklandcoop.com


  • Student Life’s Outstanding Diversity Program of the Year Award  Stages of Equity
  • Above and Beyond Educator Award – Phi Theta Kappa Phi
  • Kennedy Center Best Devising and Collaboration
  • Kennedy Center Excellence in Lighting Design (x2)
  • MFA Directing Finalist – Yale School of Drama
  • Iowa Center for The Arts Award – University Of Iowa
  • Delman Young Theatre Scholarship – Augustana College





Uphill Spaces / Down Hill Spaces, Issue 3, Good Job Zine, Spring/Summer 2019, Twin Cities Dance Zine